Monday, March 12, 2018

Outlaw Star: Space of Desire (Pgs Cover-01)

You better get ready! For a new comic!

Sometimes I have a habit of starting a few (personal) comics and jumping from one to another. But I’m really trying to lessen that, like working on comics (and some personal animation) “behind the scenes” before posting them up (aside from WIPs). Therefore I have something to post that’s much more along the line and in progress and likely to be completed sooner. At least, that’s the idea and the hope.

With that in mind, starting this week I’ll be slowly posting my AishaxJim (Outlaw Star) comic bit by bit before moving on to (or back to) the next project in-progress. And so on and so forth, hopefully, as time and schedule allow.

(And feel free to send along any feedback or thoughts on any of the work as it goes along!)

Here’s to more finished work and beyond!


  1. god I cant wait for this, Aisha and Jim were my childhood opt and I love your art, match made

  2. Wonder why Gene had a need to say more twice in a row?

    1. Oh you meant Jim! I fixed the typo.

  3. I always like seeing new content from people who like this anime