Sunday, January 7, 2018

Commissions - From the book of Zhu, a training session, Matt and Amira bondage play, and OK K.O.!

My recent commissions from late Dec to early Jan!


  1. Why Matt? Your too sweet to do something horrible to Amira. Shame on you, but way to get some ass K.O.

    1. Now now, Amira seems entirely into it. She's got that whole look in her eye that says she's never wanted him more! It's not horrible when it's what she craves!

    2. Oh back off replying person, I want Matt and Amira kissing and sleeping with each other completely naked without bondage or clothes on. I want to see his child dick inside her, than having Amira being overpowered by a kid.

  2. Greetings GlassFish, I'm Gross Mind.
    ChillyScholar from f95zone told me that you did the char Rita Revulsive for the game Urban Demons as an easter egg.
    I'm a fan of the game, also turnned a fan of your drawing style.
    I did a drawing based on your char. Of course that came out different, but I'd like to show you the drawing like a thank you for made her. The link is this one:
    thank you one more time, very much