Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Trunks and Mrs. Briefs Saga Pg9

You just gotta love a flustered little half saiyan. :)


  1. Ahah Trunks is embarassed but soon he's going to fuck her ^^

  2. Ms briefs is a sweet woman when you think about it. Who wouldn't right.

  3. The "fappening".It begins.

  4. I'm sure Vegeta wouldn't mind knowing Trunks was fapping to Mrs. Briefs, Beerus knows Vege would just be glad his son wasn't gay

  5. just want you to know though i don't comment much ive been following your work for a while and you mam are my fav artist for sure :), hope all is well and to see alot more keep it up! <3

  6. What *would* Vegeta do about that anyway?
    {Vegeta: Foolish boy, a true saiyan warrior doesn't waste their attention on their grandmothers!
    Trunks: Um, I-I-
    Vegeta: A true saiyan warrior would find the perfect woman by searching every corner of the universe for her!!
    Trunks: So, is that how you found mom?
    Vegeta:... Uh, yeah, sure, that's how I found her.}

  7. she is really sweat, a heart of gold. But I always thought, she is made/drawn in the series as to be sexy somehow.

    1. She was certainly made to sexy (or at least really cute) But sometimes I just think Toriyama just kept forgetting to age her up as the years went by, ha!