Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Trunks and Mrs. Briefs Saga Pgs 1-5 (Dialogue Text Update)

Keeping with the theme of finishing old work (and Dragon Ball) here's another finished comic! Okay, it's not quite"finished", at least not yet (but very close!). I'm actually almost finished with the comic, most pages are need of color and a little extra touching up. Unlike Dragon Stew, it won't be posted all in one go. I'll be keeping a regular schedule for single page posts in order to give myself enough time to fully finished the comic.

But in the meantime, here are the pages I posted up before. But now with updated word balloons and text! I figured that my hand writing for the original pages were a little bit hard to read. I went back and made the text super simple to see.

Oh, you know how much I like to tease! But be on the look out for the next update very soon!


  1. Oh come on Trunks, you don't need to understand a thing, just let your body and your grandma take all in the natural way. Beautiful preview

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  3. Can we get a special kisses saga next