Saturday, December 26, 2015

FMA: Olivier Armstrong edition

Doodling some ideas for next year.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

From Glassfish

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Sticking Around

Hey everyone. I know, it's been awhile. I wanted to offer an update on things past, present and perhaps future.

Some of you out there might be wondering about a few things. Why haven't I been posting much? What's the deal with donations, why doesn't the button for that go anywhere or work? And what happened to my old Tumblr?

I didn't and haven't posted much recently (and when it comes to non-commissioned personal work, haven't posted for a long while) due to dealing with some difficult depression, which in turn made things in life, personal and professional, really difficult. And some of that, okay, much of that, affected my work as Glassfish. Enough so that a short while back I practically decided to retire Glassfish, if not permanently than indefinitely.

And so I closed the Tumblr. I wasn't feeling good enough to do much personal work at the time and so that led to not taking many of the questions that came through it, which I felt terrible about. (I didn't open the "Ask" box just to watch it - and the Tumblr in general - lie fallow.) As a result it made sense to close it. Then twitter. Then blogger. The reasons for closing the latter two being similar to my feelings about the Tumblr.

After all was done, though? I didn't feel any better. I felt worse. I felt more depressed. And so I scrambled back to see if any of what I did could be undone. And lo and behold! It could! Well, most of it. Twitter could be restored and was fully restored within twenty four hours. And blogger could also be restored, instantly. But though it hadn't been more than a few hours the Tumblr could not. Once one closes the account, it's closed. No takebacksies.

I (re)opened the Tumblr. Empty though it was now, I figured, in time, it might fill up again. And this time it would be a LOT more full with a LOT more posts and activity. Same goes for the Twitter and, to a smaller extent, the blogger. Each serve a different purpose but each are something I like to be a part of.

Oh. But what of donations? I took the buttons and links for them offline and for now, I think it should stay that way. I got several donations after I opened the floor to them but as I was feeling further and further depressed and as that took a toll on my work, I decided to return the ones received and close off the avenue for new donations in the meantime.

I meant every word I wrote in my post on the subject; I'd love nothing more than to have enough support so I could devote more time to bring forth lots of art of all type, like comics and sketches and strips and even animation (especially comics and animation). But I won't ask for that kind of financial support until and unless I feel it is or can be earned. Over the years you folks have been great to me. Helped lighten my life in times of deep difficulty. I want you to feel just as respected and appreciated as I have and continue to feel.

What I'm saying is, it's time to get back to the things, and especially the folks, I missed so much. So say hello here or on twitter, or ask a question or two in the "Ask" box on Tumblr. But most of all, as always, as ever, just be yourselves and remember: you're awesome too.

Keep swimming,

p.s. I guess as a famous character in a movie (and series) I adore would say it: And here we... go!