Friday, June 26, 2015

Say Cheese! (Character Selfies)

Drew some of my favorite character pairings taking selfies!

My all time favorite, Power Girl and Billy Batson (Shazam).
Favorite from the Marvel side of the universe, She-Hulk and Franklin Richards.

And you can never go wrong with the originals, Amira and Matt (OCs).

It was a fun spur of the moment type thing and I'm happy the way they came out!


  1. It has been awhile since there was something with most of these 6.

  2. Hmmmmm....GlassFish are the six of them considered couples? Or is Power girl, She-Hulk and Amira are only in sexual relationships with their toddlers?

    1. Eh, I wouldn't call them "toddlers" as they are much older than that. I say these pairings are not in any serious relationship either. Just fun stuff. :P

    2. Is Matt a kid, or simply a young adult that looks like a child(-like teenager)?

    3. @Glassfish: Okay. Thats makes since, franklin and Billy batson are older, in comicbook years, especially billy cuz hes been in comics since the 50's. And as far as Matt and Amira, id think its just a friends w benefits thing.

  3. I love your selfies, GlassFish ;)

  4. so glad i finally got to see you at work, your ps skills are insane btw.

  5. you should start another comics from start to end. waiting a week to see couple of drawings without paint or even a plot is really disappointing. you are great and I would like to see more of your work, but something that has a beginning and an end. not some stuff you took from your drawer :\

  6. Have you ever had the inspiration to do any of following?
    1. Avatar: The Last Airbender AU
    1A. A short comic that re-imagines Katara as an amazonian girl, who has a combined hourglass/bodybuilder figure, and may possess traits based on your OC Kiki the arctic warrior girl.
    1B. A picture of Princess Yue as a plump, slightly-amazonian girl, with large breasts and a huge, fat booty.

    2. School Kinks and Hijinks Spinoff
    A spin-off to your 'School Kinks and Hijinks' comic, but may feature female students in form of young adult, compared to the male students that appears as child-like teenagers.

    3. A comic about a woman giving either her son-in-law or her grandson sexual education.

    4. A racing-themed threesome comic featuring a female driver, a child-like teenager as her navigator/assistant, and a lesbian female as their mechanic.

    5. A shota picture featuring either a 'minotaurette' OR a 'centaurette'.

    6A. A medieval-themed shota picture featuring a young prince being trained by 'lady-knights'.
    6B. A comic-like picture of a shota-styled knight pleas(ur)ing a gargoyle-like dragoness, while a (group of) maiden(s) looking at them with annoyed expressions.

  7. You are great, you should make a sequel to robins lucky night

  8. You are great, you should make a sequel to robins lucky night

  9. Nice picture with Amida and Matt. I love it.

  10. Have you checked out the artworks of zbuster64 at pixiv?

  11. Been a long time since I've seen Matt and Amira. Any plans for a Sunday Hotness part 2? I remember Matt had a buddy helping with the sandcastle right before Amira approached him.