Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sketches and Doodles - Big Hero 6, Steven Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy and more!


Thought I should post some doodles and sketches I made not only on the recent streams, but also the ones I posted on twitter not long ago.

Korra's beautiful muscular back! Sometimes I forget how fun it is to draw muscles.

Back to "shotatizing" characters with no explanation whatsoever. Because it's fun!

Lil'Little Mac inks and doodles. Even some of the shortest Smash characters pokes fun at him.

Starlad and Gamora! I loved the movie, but I decided to give Starlord/lad a bit of his old costume and  just kept the space mask from the movie. And I couldn't help but use Gamora's (more revealing) outfit from the comics.

I quickly sketched these lovely "Gems" on the last stream!

And, of course, Batdad from Flashpoint Paradox... because Batdad.

Some of these are WIPs and I'll be either inking or coloring them (or both) later. Hopefully I'll get around to drawing more of these characters, especially the Gems from Steven Universe and Lil'Little Mac.


  1. love the crystal gems in your style.

    also nice job on Mini Mac

  2. I missed the gems, darn =T

  3. Your top left sketch of Pearl is absolutely stunning. Keep it up !

  4. Speaking of Smash Bros; What is your opinion of pairing Samus Aran with Mega Man?

    1. Started drawing a comic of those two a while ago, so I'm all for it!

  5. Starlad and Gamora love it :3

  6. I love steven universe and you made amethyst, pearl and garnet look super hot. Try with stevonnie is steven and connie became fusion into tall gorgeous girl. Ibet you like it too.