Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Times With Kidpool!

I spent my time between breaks today drawing lil'Wade, or in this case, Kidpool!

... and a bit of lil'Logan* too...

... Wade's great at getting along with others...

....little guy's a charmer!

Man, oh man! I love drawing Kidpool so much! There's a point I didn't want to stop, but there's this stupid thing humans and most living things do that gets in the way of fun... sleep.

*Yes, the second picture is a reference is to this page.*


  1. The last picture really shows how well /ss kidpool would work! Funny, smartass, and always horny - it would be perfect!

  2. Have you thought of making gifs? I would love to see that

    1. Working on little animated loops on and off. I will make a blog post just dedicated to a bunch of animated gifs I've made, most just WIPs or just tests.