Saturday, July 12, 2014

She-Hulk and Franklin (mini comic experiment)

Here's super short (non-erotic) mini comic about She-Hulk and Franklin vs. Titania, with a surprise guest(s) at the end.

The comic was bit of a  experiment in brainstorming to get some ideas for a larger (sexy) comic in the future. Which is why it's so roughly sketched. So think of it as a "scrap" version for now.

Might sketch more "scrap" pages to experiment more with the story. I think I might have made She-Hulk a little too defenseless, and it goes against her character a bit in my opinion.

Don't have a name for the project yet... "Worlds Collide" was already taken.


  1. Franklin like Sentry! Woooh

  2. Why do not you have an account on tumblr ?

    1. I did but it was deleted. I'm going to open up a new account sometime later.

  3. More more more! =D

  4. possible titles; break/mix it up, crossing the line, tearing a new one, coming (or cumming) together