Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where I talk about Tumblr and the Blog

Hey everyone.

First: my apologies for not having updated my blog in sometime now. That has nothing to do with you folks who still kindly come around and continue to comment (thank you to all of you who do so by the way!). A little while back I started posting my (new) work on my new tumblr page, and I found myself really enjoying the process. I've found the platform pretty easy and simple to use and I'm really happy to see my work get "reblogged" or "liked" by some folks on there. It's been pretty fun.

At the same time, it's made me lose focus on this blog (not something I ever intended to happen, I assure you), and it made me think about where my focus will be going forward. In general, it's going to be on tumblr (and my twitter). That's not to say I won't be posting on here at all. Sometimes I'll post a larger batch of work I've recently posted elsewhere, and sometimes I'll post about the comics I've recently read (a small thing I've found a few of you here have enjoyed), and sometimes I'll post whatever may be on my mind (if anything, tumblr doesn't quite strike me as the place for long-form posts).

Again, I'm not abandoning my blog, it'll remain active and I'll still add posts. Just probably not as often.

If you have a tumblr account, don't be afraid to follow me! And if you don't, be sure to bookmark my page. Also, on tumblr you can "Ask Me Anything" there; the anonymous feature is active so don't be afraid to drop me a line anonymously or otherwise.

As always, thanks for sticking around. I hope I'll continue to see you guys and gals around here, and elsewhere.

Keep swimming,


  1. At least with Twitter I get to communicate with you. It's nice you left blog post for your followers here and hope to create a big post in the future.

    1. It's always fun conversing on twitter. ^_^ I just thought putting up a post like this was important. The blog means a lot to me. I know I've been posting here less, but I still love this place and I always want to have a spot to come back to.

      I know that some of my followers here prefer blogger as well and I don't want them to think I've forgotten about them. If there's one thing I've appreciated at times here, it's the folks who come by and leave a note.

  2. I miss to comment on your pictures i like blogspot for the personal touch with your fans but since tumblr it's easier to use I'll follow you and your great art :D

    1. Thank you! I did miss the blog and being able to comment here so easily.