Thursday, March 15, 2012

Slid's Sexy Milf's

Many of you who have visited have probably noticed my blog list on the right side. It's got some great people and great places to visit. Well, there's one particular artist, Slid, that I believe warrants a particular mention.

Every time I visit his blog I'm almost floored by the quality of the art, the sheer sexiness and liveliness of it. I just love how he draws his beautiful and classy-looking Milfs (both in and out of some dirty, dirty action). And his women - and the lucky lads (or gals) with them - always carry what amounts to a very sexy expression. Not an over-the-top, ridiculous look, but a proper and hot expression. It's something I'm easily both impressed with and inspired by.


What's also great about Slid is that he tends to place his gorgeous Milf's into comics, each of which have always been fun, kinky, and hot! (For a small example you can look at his "Meet The Gradys." and “The Ring” comics right on his blog.)


Slid recently opened up his own pay-site, Slid's Super Sex Comics, to help support him further in his sexy endeavors. There are more than a few great comics he's posted up on his blog that he'll either be continuing or reworking on his new site (like "Meet The Gradys"). And of course, he'll be posting up lots of other new work on there, too. I highly recommend you give it a look.


I should mention that no amount of Slid's art in this post is enough to truly showcase the breadth and depth of the man's work for it spans a whole host of kinks. Indeed, his work can go anywhere from a monster taking advantage of a sexy babe, to an “Invisible Sex Maniac” having less-than-consensual relations with a curvy dame, to hot space-babes in some really sexy, naughty action in... space. If any of that sounded hot to you (and it did to me!) then don't hesitate any further - in the off-chance you have - to check out his blog and site.


By the way, I've spoken quite a bit with Slid himself and you should know he's not only one of the nicest and kindest people I've had the distinct pleasure of conversing with, but he's also one of the hardest-working, impressively-talented, erotically-inclined artists I've known. Of the many western erotic-artists out there, Slid is one of the very best, and I don’t say that lightly. I really hope his new site is able to gain the recognition it deserves to get off the ground and allow this awesome artist many more opportunities to create that which we love: incredibly sexy, dirty, hot, passionate, quality art.

Keep swimming,


  1. Slid does make some great comics, first saw his style on Spacebabe Central(Now called Monsterbabe Central) with Rhonda Rockets. Happy he went to his own site, if he updates often on it, it will get a lot of subscribers to come.


  2. I sent the picture i drew for you (:

  3. Impressive! Thanks for introducing me to this artist's work, Glassfish! I can see why you like his milfs. lol