Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lorna Morgan Digital Portrait

When I was younger I loved drawing portraits, whether it was from a photograph or from life; whatever it was, it was always enjoyable. As I got older, though, while I still drew portraits sometimes I started drawing more western comic art. It was fun, and I couldn't help but go in that direction. Unfortunately, as I continued to do comic art, my portrait work started to slow. I would do something here and there, but it was rare. And eventually it got to the point where it practically came to an end.

But I want to get back into it, to get back to drawing portraits even if it's every so often. And I think now's a good time to do so! The piece just above is a simple one I did of the very curvy and busty model (and MILF!), Lorna Morgan:


As you can see the drawing is not exactly like the photo. Honestly, I think I made her look a bit younger and the eyes are not quite hers and her right shoulder there looks a bit long (and yes, I think I subconsciously made the breasts even larger)... but I like the portrait. It may not be perfect but I wasn't going for a photo-realistic look; I simply wanted it to capture her likeness and I think I came close. As well, I had fun drawing it because it reminded of how much I used to love doing portraits in general.

I'm going to have to do more, much more. I'd love nothing more than to be even better at something I tend to enjoy.


Keep swimming,

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Commission: Starfire and Robin

Here's an awesome commission featuring Robin from Earth-16 (from the show Young Justice) and a very, very sexy Starfire. For this piece the client wanted me to draw a quite voluptuous Starfire and I was more than happy to deliver! Oh and I just loved drawing her huge, bountiful, beautiful... hair! Yes, I love Starfire's hair. (To me, it's one of her best features.) As well, I really liked Robin's dialogue here, there's something about a dirty-mouthed little Dick Grayson that's such a turn on.

The page without dialogue and the pencil sketch:

Keep swimming,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming the New Year and Things To Come

Since last year I've sketched and doodled a bucket-load of ideas; many of which you've all seen (and some you haven't yet). What has made me happy is to have read so many of your comments and your emails, the vast majority of which were supportive of that which I do: sexy things. Oh and sometimes non-sexy things, like the occasional comic review... which I still make sexy. Sometimes. Anyway.

Thank you! Thank you so much for coming here, for enjoying the work, and for being kind enough to take a moment out of your day to leave me a note letting me know it. I can't tell you how much it is appreciated.

I have more than a few things planned for the year ahead. Some you'll expect, some you may not. All of it, I hope you'll enjoy. All of it, I hope you'll support.

Have a wonderful New Year guys! And thanks for making the last one so great!

Keep swimming,