Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exercise Mom 6 colored and Matt and Amira Fanart

More Exercise Mom and son work colored by Nearphotison! Awesome, no? And to see more of his work (and colors), definitely feel free to check out his blog here.

And speaking of Nearphotison's work, he also drew this wonderful fanart of Matt and Amira from my Sunday Hotness strips:

And just look at Amira's hair! Look at that crinkly, beautiful hair! I thought the piece was pretty neat. I hope you folks do as well.

Keep swimming,


  1. Whoa, at first when you said GF I thought you meant girlfriend. xD

    These are great, hoping they both got to cum inside!

  2. Lol, no no no no no... GF=GlassFish

  3. YEAH! More exercise! Can't get enough of that!

    A very nice fan image too!

  4. I'd love to see a shota sneak in on a female Santa and get a special present when she sees him.

  5. I wish i could create pics as well as u guys. I may not know howta draw this well (yet), (gimme time)..:) but what I DO KNOW is how to spot amazing work, and talented artists...and you guys create AMAZING STUFF and are TALENTED INDEED!!! ive become a HUGE FAN!!!! Keep on Rockin...Cheers!!!! :D