Thursday, December 29, 2011

Commission: The Mummy and the Mommy

And here it is! Another commission featuring the ever lovely pair of Carley and her son, Kevin. What will happen when the Mummy is fully unwrapped? Will he go forth to explore... the explorer?

I love a good piece featuring a cute mom and son having fun! Sexy, adorable fun! There's something sweet about Carley feigning fright and playing along so well. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's cute.

Ink and sketch:

Keep swimming,


  1. Another Great work Glassfish!


  2. This makes me wonder if Lara croft was ever so lucky to find a mummy like that

  3. @JoshuaJackson Tutanshota... that's great. XD

    And I also appreciate the "innocent" monster play.. just like the "i'm gonna eat you all up!" bit, it can be quite charming when both partners play along.