Thursday, November 3, 2011

Commission - X-Men Foursome

Here's a commission featuring the ever so lovely Storm and Psylocke and two of my favorite client's (and all-around awesome person and friend's) original characters, Blackout and Forger. To explain a bit more about the both characters and their powers, I'd like to provide a short description I was given for each one:

"The hooded Blackout is a former small time criminal, until Storm took him on as her student. His favorite strategy is to electrify his fists, and fight like a boxer. He can also electrify other parts of his body, as his beautiful teacher soon learns!" - I don't know about you, but I know I love the thought of Storm taking a pupil... in more ways than one.

"Forger's alchemy powers allow him to transform solid matter, though it won't work on liquids or gases. His mask has special lenses to improve his vision, and he hides a pair of fighting sticks up his sleeves. He often changes them into more effective weapons like swords or clubs, but in the bedroom he use one to double the fun!" - And I'm pretty sure Psylocke didn't mind having a little extra to work with...

I like how everything came out, and really, I just was so happy to do more work featuring Storm! She's so amazingly sexy, it's impossible to stay away. And I have to say, while I haven't thought much of Psylocke before, I like how busty and curvy she is in this. That makes me pretty happy. Oh, and as funny as this sounds, I'm glad I can do non-shota work just as well as straight shota. I know, that's probably a little strange of me to think so, but there you are.


Keep swimming,


  1. Another piece that came out great! Shota or not, nobody draws curvy women in quite as sexy a manner as you! Thumbs Up!

  2. @JoshuaJackson
    Aw shucks! Thank you!

  3. Speaking of x-men, I would like to see at least some Shota with X-Men Evolution Nightcrawler, there's never enough of that.