Thursday, November 17, 2011

Commission - Wonder Woman's Training

Hey folks! This was something I've had for a short while, and I'm super happy to finally share it! The setup, I think, is great: When a young man is born on the island of Themyscira, he must go through vigorous training in order to please the female amazons on the island. And I do mean, vigorous!

I absolutely loved the piece and had a lot of fun working on it. It had one of those "I wish I'd thought of it!" ideas that was so much fun to draw. As well, whenever I look at the work, I can't help but love how it came out! The background especially was one of my favorite things to do; showcasing Amazons of yesteryear and their cute male participants in training. It's a like a sexy training guide on a wall! I love it! Oh and you can bet I also loved drawing a dominant Wonder Woman... because really, who doesn't love a strong and dominant amazonian woman?


Keep swimming,


  1. That with does not kill us, makes us stronger!

    That with makes us stronger, makes us better lovers!

    Simply Beautiful!

  2. Love the idea, and Wonder Woman is drawn great here ^^

  3. You Draw the Hottest Wonder Woman Ever.

  4. Awesome! ^_^

    I hope you make a squeals to this drawing that have Wonderwoman teaching the young boy all the sex positions and training to increase his stamina by having him please multiple Amazonian Woman at once.

  5. that little guy is gonna have the heart of a lion, and therefore the erection of an elephant.

  6. @JoshuaJackson
    Oh, I'll bet the cute fellow's one of the better lover's on that island! :P

    Thanks! I thought the idea was great too!

    Thanks! It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

    @Sassan Hosseini
    Thank you! I'm happy she came out so well!

    A sequel would indeed be great but of course that's up to the awesome client.

    @squall lee
    LOL! He certainly must have an impressive erection to prove himself worthy to the amazons!

    Thanks for the all the great comments everyone!

  7. Hahaha, funny and hot in the same time.
    Now I can imagine how much fun Xena,as an amazon as well, must have with little boys .

  8. Hot! She can train my little shota boy any time. :P

  9. @Anonymous

    I would not be surprised if the commissioner considered a sequel commission if they knew how popular this was. I guess we'll all have to wait and see!

  10. not to overstep my boundries, but you should make something for thanksgiving. Like an indian or pilgrim shota story or pic, mom swapping or something

  11. shotas giving oral is awesome. more please!

  12. Dear Glassfish,

    where are you?


  13. "not to overstep my boundries, but you should make something for thanksgiving. Like an indian or pilgrim shota story or pic, mom swapping or something"

    Maybe next year (or I'll probably just do for fun, who knows?)

    "Dear Glassfish, where are you?"

    Why, I'm right here! I know I've been away for a while but I'm back again!

  14. I'd probably be commissioning you to draw more DBZ straight shota pics all the time though I should probably get a job first. I really want to see little Goten trying to handle all of the hot and horny DBZ girls at once.

  15. @Krieger

    Yeah, personally I've always thought Gohan and Chichi would make the most sense for a shota pic. After all, she always said she wanted him to stay out of fighting....but did she really care about his education, or was there some other reason she wanted Gohan to stay home?

    Cue the Cinemax music! bow chika bow wow!

  16. Gohan is by far my favorite of the DBZ shotas. Might go as far to say one of my favorite ever. I'd live to see glassfish pair him up with some of the dbz women

  17. 1. Ever heard of Steve Trevor?

    2. There is an enchantment that would render the amazons vulnerable if a mortal man were to set foot on Paradise Island; I suppose that Amazon-born males remain boys as a precaution.