Friday, November 11, 2011

Catwoman #1

Time for another comic rant! Or should I say, personal comic review!

Like Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws, Catwoman has been getting quite a bit of controversy. But does the comic suffer from the same problems?

Just a fair warning, this post will contain SPOILERS!

I can't say that I feel much has changed with' Selina Kyle's personality after the DC relaunch. Perhaps it's too early to tell but from what I've read so far, Selina is still the sexy, sneaky, she-devil I always remembered her to be. 

The issue opens up with Selina quickly grabbing her things and her many, many, cats (because of course she'd have many cats!) and escaping from her apartment right before a group of thugs barges in and opens fire.

According to Selina's inner monologue, she enjoys taking risks and the bigger the risks, the more interesting they are. Sure enough this is to give us a little peek inside of Selina's mind, to help us understand a little bit of her character and perhaps explain why she throws herself in dangerous situations. But her thrill seeker attitude could be dangerous, and not just to herself..

After her place is bombed, she retreats to her friend and "intel man's" apartment. There she asks for help to find a new place as well as other things, considering her last place has just been obliterated and all. And that's great, because why not come and stay with one of your few friends left; it's not like those goons that found Selina before could find her again... right?

Later in the issue, Selina disguises herself as a bartender at a penthouse party run by Russian gangsters. While there she recognizes a man from her past, a fellow who severely beat a (possible) friend of hers before killing them. It's not clear who the murdered person was or what connection she had with Selina but she was apparently important to practically have Selina scratch the man's eye out.

She soon changes into her Catwoman getup, leaves the party in a not so subtle fashion after practically blinding the man, and heads to her temporary new home... were Batman waits for her in the shadows.

Now, before I go further, I'd be remiss not to mention how gorgeous much of the art is. The artist does a great job drawing Catwoman, especially her face. There was something about it that made her look very sultry (probably the lips). Even though there was a clear focus on Selina's goodies in the beginning, I think the way her sexuality was portrayed was in good taste.

But back to Batman...

This is good! I've always loved the dynamic between Catwoman and Batman. Since this is the first issue I'm sure there's going to be a lot of tension in the beginning. Maybe in a few issues we'll even see that tension build up and become a heated romance between...

Oh! Oh, they just have sex. Just like that? No build up? No going through several comic issues, with the tension slowly building up to a great pay-off? They just do it in the first issue? Wow.


Catwoman made it clear that this wasn't the first tumble her and Batman got into, so all the tension I was referring to happened way before the events of this issue. Which is such a damn shame. I was really hoping that after the relaunch we would get to see the romance build between two of my favorite comic book couples from the beginning. But instead their "romance" was established in the first issue.

Still, I doubt that's the problem with the last scene. After Catwoman left the party she was clearly in a vulnerable state. Whoever that man was that she attacked had some sort of emotional impact on her. When Batman suddenly showed up it seemed she wanted to forget about all her little problems and just screw his brains out. I don't necessarily have a problem with this, in fact I really did like it, but I can see why many fans might not - and why this may be controversial.

I'm not afraid to admit that I might have liked this issue because I'm biased. As Catwoman and Batman go well together I love seeing those two together in almost anything they're in. That aside, though, I don't think this issue was as terrible as a lot of fans made it out to be. Everything before the ending seemed to be written pretty well. And Catwoman certainly didn't have the same issues with personality the way Starfire did in her earlier issue. Where Starfire came off shallow and dull, Selina seems fun and full of life.

Yes, the ending should have been handled a bit better; Selina shouldn't need to have sex because she's feeling vulnerable, it doesn't seem quite like her. And Batman shouldn't give in so easily give into Catwoman's advances just because she's... well, Catwoman!

Overall, I'd say it was a solid issue. If things were taken just a little bit slower, though, I think this would've turned out to be a great issue instead.

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  2. LOL! That could work!

  3. From a feminist perspective, Catwoman certainly does come across much better than Starfire did. I did find it odd that we focused on her ass and breasts when they weren't doing anything but being sexy (and really, when WEREN'T they doing that?), but that's pretty much par for the course for female characters in comics these days, and I've seen far worse male gaze in the past.

    I think the only real problem was the sex, which you touched on perfectly. While I could probably buy Selina wanting to jump Batman, I think the most interesting aspect of their dynamic was completely glazed over. I suppose one could argue that we've seen that before, and this is a different take, but I would argue in return that it's not as successful a take.

    I love these reviews, keep 'em up!

  4. As someone else said regarding the Cat/Bat hookup - after hundreds of comics of flirting and decades of anxiously waiting fans, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME THEY FUCKED.

  5. @Nearphotison
    Catwoman definitely came off much, much better than Starfire in her outing (Selina actually had a personality!). And you're right, the art was all about making her sexy - but I can't help but enjoy it. Even when Selina's escaping her place with a bunch of cats in tow (who looked adorable, by the way), she's looking mighty sexy. Is it a bit much? Maybe. But darn it is the art good, very good.

    As for having sex with the world's greatest detective, yep there should have been a build up. I was happy to see it happen, sure, I'm biased like that. But it really should have been handled better.

    I'll definitely do my best to post up further reviews and general thoughts about comics. It's been fun so far!

    Oh my god, yes!