Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Hotness: A Day at the Beach - Strip 15

There has been a notable lack of new Sunday Hotness strips recently and I aim to rectify that here and now.

Sorry for being so late with this one, folks! I expected to have more strips out in the last few weeks but all work and no play, equals... something, something. I'm not sure where I was going with that. Anyway, I'll always try and do my best to get a strip up on Sunday, each week. And to those who have been patient, you have my thanks and I hope you enjoy the new work!

Keep swimming,


  1. hey, when the output is this damn good, I got nothing to complain about.

    Dang, Amira is a dirty girl, sucking cum out of her friend's cooch

  2. An unexpected but delicious final panel. Amira is such a hottie <3!
    I really love the first panel in the middle row with the redheaded girl next to the boy, her luscious jugs just laying there on her chest. Incredibly sexy!