Monday, October 31, 2011

Commissions - Halloween Costume Party and Eddie and Lily Munster

Happy Halloween everyone!

Well, to start off the evening, I thought we'd go with a nice holiday party (or shall I say, "pre-party"?). Because who doesn't love a good costume party? The fellows get to dress up in cute get-ups and the women get to smother them in their big, bountiful... costumes, of course! Why, what else would they possibly smother them in, silly?

But what of those who decide to spend the evening at home? Forgoing any of the customary (and sexy) parties? Enjoying the holiday in shall we say, other ways? I think Eddie and Lily Munster, of "The Munsters" probably have an interesting idea! Just try not to scare your partner too much with all that howling..

And for those feeling nostalgic here's a black and white version:



  1. Nothing is better than boys getting it on with huge-breasted women! Nothing!

  2. >lipstick track

    fuck Glass, there's my fetish again

    and lol, funny thing is the Munsters has been playing on Boomerang lately

  3. @squall lee
    I knew I wasn't the only one! :)

  4. Epic win in costume party i think :D