Monday, October 17, 2011

Commission - Matt and Amira: Sweet Dreams

A sweet commission of two of my characters from Sunday Hotness sleeping together, after what I can assume was a long night. Don't they just look peaceful?

Keep swimming,


  1. It's just to cute how they are holding hands, and he has his leg top hers; Amira really looks asleep but Matt looks like his trying to get off with amiras thigh. Wet dream perhaps?.

    (You should put the blanket over them they seem cold... ;) )

  2. One of the best you've ever done, seriously.
    And I can never get enough of Amira, she's such a babe <3

    One thing I really love about your work is the way you draw boobs when they are lying down. It's just so *natural*, not like the anti-grav boobs you generally see with cartoon porn.

  3. Very lovely and sexy at the same time!
    Thanks for this amazing work!