Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carmen Sandiego Mini Comic

Hey folks! I drew a short and quick comic for WWOEC's "Woman of the Month" in September. It was something I just couldn't pass up, with the woman of the month being the incredibly sexy Carmen Sandiego. She's always been so hot to me: that trench coat, hiding what must be a hot, voluptuous body underneath; that long gorgeous hair of hers; that fedora hat, obscuring a small bit of her face and having her look a bit mysterious and sexy as a result. Yes, there was no way I could possibly pass up a chance at doing some work featuring Carmen.

What's funny though, is while I knew I'd draw Carmen in her trademark outfit, I wasn't initially sure of what to draw... underneath. I couldn't decide whether or not to draw Carmen wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all. In the end, wearing nothing seemed to be best because, well, every woman who wears a trench coat must be naked underneath, right?

Keep swimming,


  1. how serendipitous. I fished out from storage an old Carmen Sandiego game I had on the Genesis. I still remembered all the clues so I was able to catch her in record time.

    was hoping this would have happened.

  2. Oh, Carmen....all the hours spent chasing you....I see know I shouldn't have quit play! lol

  3. Just great... you make childhood dreams come true :D