Monday, October 31, 2011

Commissions - Halloween Costume Party and Eddie and Lily Munster

Happy Halloween everyone!

Well, to start off the evening, I thought we'd go with a nice holiday party (or shall I say, "pre-party"?). Because who doesn't love a good costume party? The fellows get to dress up in cute get-ups and the women get to smother them in their big, bountiful... costumes, of course! Why, what else would they possibly smother them in, silly?

But what of those who decide to spend the evening at home? Forgoing any of the customary (and sexy) parties? Enjoying the holiday in shall we say, other ways? I think Eddie and Lily Munster, of "The Munsters" probably have an interesting idea! Just try not to scare your partner too much with all that howling..

And for those feeling nostalgic here's a black and white version:


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Art Trade: Android 18 and Trunks

An art-trade I did with MrBoobLover. You can check out his part of the art-trade here.

I love Dragon Ball so this was a special treat to draw. I especially enjoyed drawing Android 18 and Trunks together, they're one of those odd pairings I wish people would draw more of.

I'm definitely going to have to draw more Dragon Ball related art. 


Keep swimming,

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Looks like Luffy is getting a little grabby on deck!

It's been a long time since I drew something One Piece related. Even though I normally prefer Nami with short hair, I decided to go with the look she's sporting now in the manga.

It was fun drawing her and Luffy again.


Keep swimming,

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 (or: where I mostly rant about how they screwed up Starfire)

I was debating whether or not I should write about Red Hood and the Outlaws. It seems that everyone who has even remotely glanced at a comic book has already talked about it at length. So what is there to say that hasn't already been said? Well, for starters, how's about my own two cents on what I thought of the first issue...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Commission: Booth Rivals 2

The (sexy) madness continues! Wonder Woman gains back her popularity but for how long? As it certainly looks like Power Girl is always one step ahead...

Yes, folks, this series is certainly heating up! And, depending on how things go, things might soon get even hotter! Oh, PG, must you tease everyone with those massive breasts of yours?


Keep swimming,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carmen Sandiego Mini Comic

Hey folks! I drew a short and quick comic for WWOEC's "Woman of the Month" in September. It was something I just couldn't pass up, with the woman of the month being the incredibly sexy Carmen Sandiego. She's always been so hot to me: that trench coat, hiding what must be a hot, voluptuous body underneath; that long gorgeous hair of hers; that fedora hat, obscuring a small bit of her face and having her look a bit mysterious and sexy as a result. Yes, there was no way I could possibly pass up a chance at doing some work featuring Carmen.

What's funny though, is while I knew I'd draw Carmen in her trademark outfit, I wasn't initially sure of what to draw... underneath. I couldn't decide whether or not to draw Carmen wearing sexy lingerie or nothing at all. In the end, wearing nothing seemed to be best because, well, every woman who wears a trench coat must be naked underneath, right?

Keep swimming,

Monday, October 17, 2011

Commission - Matt and Amira: Sweet Dreams

A sweet commission of two of my characters from Sunday Hotness sleeping together, after what I can assume was a long night. Don't they just look peaceful?

Keep swimming,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shota Force - 24-Hour Comic

Hey folks!

On Saturday, October 1, I took part in the annual 24-Hour Comics Day challenge, where an artist has to complete 24 comic pages in 24 hours. Yes, you read that right: 24 full pages in 24 hours. No more, no less. The rules are simple: you can come up with a general idea or concept of what it is you might want to dedicate your comic to and you're not allowed to sketch anything out prior to the start. You can have references prepared, if need be, but that's about that. And last but not least: for you to successfully complete the challenge the 24 comic pages must not only be sketched out, but also inked, if not colored in the time given.

So how'd I do? Pretty well, I think! I was able to sketch out a full 24 pages in less than a day (around 18 hours, I believe) and I was able to ink almost 6 of the pages before my time was over. So, while I didn't fully complete the challenge in time (as I didn't ink each page) I think it was a success nonetheless! But, you may me wondering, why then are all of the pages posted up fully inked? Well, to be honest, I wanted to continue. So, whenever I found the time during the week I made sure to ink a page or so. I wanted to post a complete comic for everyone (along with the sketches I did):

I was interested in drawing a comic with a "Power Rangers" or "Super Sentai" theme, so when the day came to draw the 24-Hour comic, I decided to go with that idea and ran with it. You'll notice the main villainess in my comic is an obvious spoof off of "Rita Repulsa" from the first season of the Power Rangers. I'm probably the only person in the world who thought she had a strangely attractive quality to her at the time.

Before I started, I decided to make things a little easier on myself and do the entire comic digitally; if I came to a point where I needed to change something, with digital, I could do so easily. And overall, things went surprisingly smoothly. If I found myself stuck on a page or felt a little discouraged, I'd take a moment and watch some of my favorite youtube videos that you could say were somewhat related to the subject, like Zublu Cops - Turbo Justice or Astro Fighter Sunred. And things would then move right along again. I guess a little humor perked me up and helped me focus on getting through whatever page I was on.

Like I said, things went well. Surprisingly, really. I thought I'd find myself having trouble or taking a little longer than I did. And I also thought it was simply a challenge I wanted to try and get through. I didn't think it would turn out to be more than that. Something that turned out to be enjoyable and fun along the way. Something that helped give me a better sense of my own abilities as an artist. Looking back on the comic, I hate to say it, but: I'm almost impressed by the amount of work I got done in the span of a day. I never would have thought it was possible.

Before the challenge I always felt as though I could be a little faster as an artist (even if others disagreed). I always wanted to put things out more quickly. And whenever I finished up a piece, I'd always initially look onto it and just see all my mistakes and not much more, regardless of how the work came out. But now I'm not so sure about the slow part. And recently I've found myself not so much looking for mistakes in my work (though I'll do that a bit) but rather what I've come to like about it. And that's a great change. I hope it stays.

The work I did, sketching out 24 pages, was fast in it's own right. And of course, it wasn't perfect. But, well, I'm more than okay with that. Because I really like the comic. Mistakes here and there? Plenty. But for something that was made in the span of a day, on the fly, against the clock? It's awesome. It's fun. It's cartoony and it's ridiculous. And I just can't help but be proud of it.

I'm hoping things go just as well, if not better, the next time around.


Keep Swimming,