Thursday, September 15, 2011

Commission: Carley's Halloween Costume

"Carley wows [them] at the Halloween party in her shockingly accurate Donald duck costume."

This was a  fun, suggestive little commission! I loved drawing the costumes, especially the mom's. It's such an unusual costume to pick but it sure works. And for those curious I should mention that Carley, the mom, is an OC I was tasked with creating for the client. I think she came out rather well!

Pencils and inks:

Keep swimming,


  1. Have to agree that the lady turned out really well! Perfect amount of curves for such a yummy mommy. Love the work that you do, Glassfish!

  2. Now that is a costume! (Wolf Whistle)

  3. So. very. curvy.

    Reminds me of this one accurate human Dixie Kong I saw, where she was drawn with the hat, elbow and kneepads, gum, and nothing else

  4. Did the little sherrif get a "Woody"? (budumpum!)

    This would be a great start to a comic or mini series.

  5. Next year she'll have to wear a shockingly-accurate Mickey Mouse costume. ;)

  6. @Nearphotison

    it would be better/funnier if it was a black chick as Mickey.

    lol, whaddya say Glass? Want to make it happen?

  7. Oh that ass!!
    Simply beautiful!