Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exercise Mom 1: Now in Technicolor!

Nearphotison over at the wwoec forums colored one of my Exercise Mom sketches, and it looks great! The son's chestnut brown hair is adorable and the color of the outfit on the mom is exactly how I pictured it. I just love how the colors are bright without being too loud in the end. What else can I say but that I'm impressed? And I think anyone who has a look at these will be too!

And to Nearphotison: You really did some fantastic work here! Thanks again!

For those who missed the sketch (and would love to see the difference):

Keep swimming,


  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn! nice work to both of you.

  2. It looks just like your colouring :)

  3. these colors made me hear the MGM lion roar when I looked at them.

  4. Nearphotison certainly did a great job with the colouring. Both your styles go together well. As for the kid, I'm sure his mother can teach him another cool way to exercise after she's done ;)