Monday, August 1, 2011

Commissions: Arisia (Green Lantern); and April O'Neil at the Movies

The first commission is of a cute female member of the Green Lantern Corp, Arisia. This was the first time I drew a Green Lantern character and I'm quite pleased with this. There are two versions of the piece here, one with her floating in space without any green "aura" around her and one with an aura (like the type one would see around any Lantern Corp member). Initially, when I was working on putting in the aura around her, I wasn't sure if I was doing it properly, if the aura looked right. But I pushed forward with it, and happily, the client ended up enjoying it - and in the end, so did I.

Next is April O'Neil and her little partner at the movies. This was a very suggestive piece and I had a fun time drawing it. The expression on her partner's face is just adorable (as are the kisses in the other versions). I also really love the look of April in this one.



Sketches and Inks: 


Also you might notice something new over on the right side of the blog: I now have a twitter feed. I'd been debating for a while whether or not to really join the twitter bandwagon. But after spending a little while on there, "tweeting" mostly about nothing, I found using twitter to be kind of fun, kind of enjoyable. (Still, considering I've only been on twitter for a little while, there seems I've plenty more to learn about the service and the culture.)

Anyway, for those who'd like to do so, feel free to follow/stalk me on twitter at:


  1. Why Miss O'Neil...what ever are you reaching for?

    Green Lantern's Light never looked so good!

    Nice Work GF! :)

  2. Glassfish. Is there a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket. And why there's no ring in the Green Lantern pic?

  3. April is the best babysitter ever!

  4. @JoshuaJackson
    Why thank you, good sir!

    I guess I forgot to add the ring. That said, I think if I did add the ring (on her right middle finger) you would only get to see a green glow from that perspective. Not a big deal, then, I think.

    As for April and her night at the movies, let's just say I doubt her arm would be in that position if there wasn't a hole there...

    She sure is! And who wouldn't love to have a busty reporter for Channel 6 News as their babysitter? ;)

  5. That kid's living a dream. A dream nobody can't deny they had

    1. you bet he is. that is a whole lot of woman for a boy of his age. enjoy that body young man!

  6. Miss Glssfish: Finally I find you after searching all over the internet since I saw your comic ''the sink''. Never before I've had in my life such a raging hard on as I did after reading that comic, it's in my humble opinion the greatest piece of incest porn ever made. I was wondering if ''the sink'' was a stand alone story, or if there is more with those characters. If not lemme encourage you to do more, that's the best thing I've ever read and I mean it. Please answer mt question, Ms. Glassfish.

  7. @Rocky
    I'm happy to hear you really liked that comic! I liked it too! But it's not actually a work I own as it was a commission I did for a site called "milftoon." In this instance, I would not be able to do another installment unless I was specifically commissioned to do so by milftoon for their site. Thanks for the kind words, though. It's nice to hear that folks liked it!

  8. You should draw a fourth one that hints to a hole being on the bottom of the popcorn tub :P