Friday, August 12, 2011

Commission: She-Ra Titfuck

Here's a commission featuring the Princess of Power, She-Ra. I couldn't help but be amused by her partner's... ahem, massive size. This has got to be the biggest member I've ever drawn!

I made two sketches, one with She-Ra just giving a titfuck and the other with She-Ra giving a titfuck and a blowjob. The client liked both, but they preferred the titfuck/blowjob version.

For the final sketch, the client wanted to see more of She-Ra's body and for her partner to be standing. So I went back and changed a few things:
The inked version:

Keep swimming,


  1. Hah Hah Amazing I was also thinking of commision a piece with a kid with his proportions and now a similar one is here, Sad I didn't commision the biggest as weird as can it possible sound Nevertheless It's an amazing artwork.

  2. Now that's how you make a proper She-Ra; a real, curvicular, full bodied woman. Not that twiggy version Filmation churned out.

    And yowza, that kid must have the heart of two elephants to be able to get enough blood to an erection like that

  3. Nice work. I really like the first sketch you didn't end up using, she has such cool, encouraging look on her face (and it's always nice to be encouraged when we're doing such fun things :)