Saturday, July 16, 2011

Prince Albert and Marie the Maid

Here's a piece that was inspired by the very sexy webcomic, "Bloomin' Faeries!" ( In the recent strips, due to a transformation spell Marie the maid was transformed from being slightly overweight into a smoking hottie, and the young Prince Albert was transformed into a handsome man. Then I thought, what if Albert didn't transform... but Marie still did? Since the spell filled her with an overwhelming sensation of lust, she would still grab the nearest male and have her way with him, even a cute prince like Albert.

(If you're interested in the story arc that has Prince Albert and Marie, it starts here:

The clean, inked, and sketch versions:

Keep swimming,


  1. Wow she is really Hot she does not look to maid to me heh-heh well a little ;)
    her nipples however seem a little clear..

  2. Nice, and thanks for linking to the comic itself; helps put things into context. ALl in all very cute and sexy. Didn't notice at first that she was fingering herself either; nice touch!

  3. That was pretty sexy. A dark beauty is always a welcome sight. That and the nipples peeking out was a good touch.

    The comic itself is pretty okay. It's got some good jokes and the art is decent to pretty good.

    At least it's not another gaming web comic.