Saturday, July 9, 2011


Here's a little idea I decided to give a quick sketch and a quick color job.

Keep swimming,


  1. My dream right there. Actually reminds me of this page in Isako Rokurou's Abnormal Family:

    If you haven't read it Glass I HIGHLY recommend it :)

  2. {sigh} ah yeah, that is the life...

  3. Boobie milk. Yummy.

    The only thing that's off about this picture is the hand she's using to jack him off. That space between her index and middle finger just doesn't look right, like who wouldn't use their whole hand?

  4. @squall lee
    Well She is giving him a hand job so she need to move her up and down, is basic if not it will be just a grip.

    And What a cute Face of her next. :)

  5. Awesome. I was wondering if you could do a comic along the lines of the abnormal family hentai?

  6. @~T~
    I've just read the comic and I absolutely loved it! The son playing with his mom was so cute! And the ending, were the father joined in for the fun, was so surreal. Thanks for the recommendation!

    @squall lee
    My overall intention was really for the hand to be sort of loose. I hope it doesn't come off too funny looking as a result.

    As a commission, sure. But otherwise I don't think I would have the time to do it.

  7. @Glassfish

    Glad you liked it :D the titwanking scene is the best