Monday, July 18, 2011

Exercise Mom 6 (and animation)

Here's a sketch continuing the "Exercise Mom" series. While sketching this I decided to give the bottom half of the drawing a little animation.  It started out as a happy little accident as I was just playing around with the animation settings in Photoshop. I had no idea what I was doing at first, but as I continued to mess around with it the easier it was to use.

Below is the rough animation I generally started with (click on the image to see the animation):

Then I added more details to each frame:

As you can see things are still in the rough stages. I haven't decided yet if I want to add in more frames to cushion it a little or to make it seem more fluid. It was interesting animating in photoshop. I found it a little easier to deal with than using flash, purely because my lines don't change so much when I draw on a new frame (if that makes any sense).

I think I'll animate a little more in photoshop just for the fun of it. I will still be experimenting in flash, of course, if I ever plan to make a longer animated loop or movie.

Keep swimming,


  1. ok, put it in, and pump
    and thrust
    and in and out
    one more time!

  2. it would be good animating practice, Glass, since it's at such a unique angle.

    I would say more but I'm too distracted by how far Exercise Mom can spread her legs.

  3. YAY! More Exercise with Mom! Love the animation too! IT's cute!

  4. Well It look like the boy actually is losing weight great exercise I would love to get a special training with her.

  5. Loving the work as always and the animation is looking damn good too... :)

  6. Found a little game online with possible good inspiration in it... Change the main characters for either still or animated work and you've a whole load of options available... :)

  7. I know this is long overdue but thanks for the great comments you guys! I'll keep practicing to make my animated loops even better.


    Thanks for the link! Though there were probably way too many combinations (and too many for me to try), the one's I did attempt were kind of interesting. Thanks again!