Thursday, July 14, 2011

Commissions: A Private Moment; Matt and Amira: Rainy Day Movie

Here's a simple (and I think, really nice) mother and son commission I made a short while back. During the commission process, I ended up doing a few sketches for the client and I don't think it would be bad to post them as well.

The client described the mother's appearance and also provided a few photos of models for me to use as a reference. I drew two different faces with slight differences between them for the client to choose from. He chose #2, below:

Then I drew a couple of preliminary sketches with the main difference being the angle, or perspective. 

The client settled on the angle seen above in sketch #1 (with a more forward point of view) and asked that I reduce the mother's breasts by a bit for the final sketch. After making the required correction, this was the final sketch (result):

The next commission was also simple and sweet. It features two of my characters, Matt and Amira, watching a movie indoors during a rainy day. I was told the reason for Amira having teared up is the apparent plot of the bitter sweet-romance film, with Matt looking slightly confused about the plot.

After I sent over the commission, I was asked for my opinion over what I thought might happen next between them, and I replied thus: "I'd think that Matt, looking up and noticing Amira tearing up, would probably try and be nice (and cute) and wipe away some of the tears from her cheeks and just below her eyes. I'd like to think that as he does this, Amira finds this act so adorable and sweet that she can't help but lean in to give him a 'thank you' kiss and, well... things develop from there."

And before anyone asks, you can expect to see the (long-delayed) next Sunday Hotness strip in a couple of weeks. Pinky swear.

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  1. Pretty nicely angled shot, we can see everything clear as day.

    The picture of Matt and Amira is pretty good to. Dear lord, her boobs are so huge he can rest against just one of them. It's still a cute little scene though.

  2. So Matt And Amira are a Couple? And since you are going to renew your eagerly awaited comic, A request, Can you finally show amira's breast? because you once told me that you were gonna show them soon or in this case eventually. Or you are planing to keep it as a mystery/secret

    1. Read Sunday hotness a day at the beach

  3. this is amazing glassfish! i really wish to see one day a mom with her 2 little sons do it all in bed, bath? also as dp ! please make that dream! thx

    (they have saim eyes n hair color)

  4. For once (in general, not here in particular) the "behind the scenes" sketch stuff is actually interesting.

    Request time:
    The three boys and Melanee Griffith in a bit more detail than the movie gave us.

  5. @Sassan Hosseini
    I have to admit, it's tempting to see how far I can go without showing Amira's breasts. But I'm not going to be that cruel, lol.

    I saw "Milk Money" years ago and I actually liked it. After watching the Nostalgia Critic's review on it recently I now know how awful the movie really is, though...

    As for something with Melanie Griffith, well, she's not really my type.

  6. Wow, that's a lot of work. I didn't know you put so much effort in :)

  7. upload amira and matt comics it wil be so good