Friday, June 3, 2011

Commissions: Red Monika , Orginal characters (Lilja, Rosa, Iris), and Birthday Date with April

 Red Monika Titfuck (Color): 

I've never read an issue of Battle Chasers but a while back I do remember seeing an ad for the comic. On the ad, Red Monika was pressing her breasts on top of what I believe was some kind of golem. I remember thinking then, "she has nice breasts, I should buy this comic," but instead I brought something else that day and completely forgot about Battle Chasers.

Anyway, I love the way the colors came out on this one.

Here's the digital sketch and inked version: 

Orginal characters (Lilja, Rosa, and Iris):

The client's original characters. The client also provided a reference picture.

Digital sketch: 

A Birthday Date with April:

This is part of a trilogy that is not yet completed. I really love drawing April O'Neil. I know this may sound silly, but I think one her best features is her hair. There's something about it that I just really like. It's probably the shape.

I used to be (and probably still am) a TMNT fan. Not the recent one, but the one from the 80's. I watched it pretty late in the game, catching reruns of the show in the mid 90's and of course I loved it. I really thought April was a really cool character. She was a girl who wasn't afraid to hang out with a bunch of anthropomorphic turtles and a rat, eating pizza in the sewers... Once I think about it, it actually doesn't sound very sanitary.


Keep swimming,


  1. All this amazing ss all at once... my head... can't take all the goodness-!

  2. Love all the uber-boobage in these drawings, you've certainly brought out Red Monika's best attributes ^^

    Also, those are two of the luckiest boys ever. ;D

  3. Red Monika is definitely your best this time. But maybe I'm biased because it's a titwank :P one of my faaaavourite things in the whole wide world

  4. The April Trilogy are my commissions. I hope everyone likes them. I couldn't be happier with Glassfish's work, and I hope everybody likes the other parts just as much as this first one.