Monday, June 20, 2011

Commission - Sandra Cockington

This is a comic I was commissioned to do sometime ago. The main female character is Sandra Cockington, an explorer, who finds a tribe of pygmies. She soon ends up taking one tribe member into her tent to examine him... thoroughly.

(Quick note: All characters that appear in this comic are above the age of 18.)

Keep swimming,


  1. Different, but very cool nonetheless. I love the running "sciency" commentary she makes :P

  2. Wow first time i see you drawing male members this large not that i'm complaing.
    Are you taking Commission?

  3. @~T~
    I love the commentary too! I think it added a nice bonus touch to the comic.

    @Sassan Hosseini
    This was a first for me, not that I hate drawing large members. I love drawing members in all shapes and sizes. :3

    And yes I am taking commissions (I gotta remember to make a blog post about that). You can find my commission prices and terms on my Hentai Foundry profile page

  4. I see a love of huge, milky tits knows no cultural bounds. And it was only made all the better for me because Dr. Sandra had glasses. If I could complain in anyway; it's that this type of scenario is as old as time itself. I could find it in a google search within seconds.

    But Glassfish's volcanically hot art style really sets it on it's own. Excellent comic.

  5. oh man I must commish...
    Amazing as always

  6. Amazing art work