Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Commission - Gotta Save April!

Another commissioned comic featuring the beautiful April O'Neil and her young rescuer, called "Gotta Save April!"

Hmm... is that a key I see there? Perhaps a key to April's apartment? Just what does Miss O'Neil have in store for her hero? Is this really the last we'll see of The Shredder? Why are there so many questions and so few answers?!

[Perhaps we'll find the answers to these questions  - and more! - next time in: "The Roommate!"]

Stay Tuned! (and keep swimming),


  1. Clap...Clap...Clap...Well played GF....Well Played.

  2. If this were anyone but the 80s Shredder, it wouldn't make any sense.

  3. so fantastic! where'd that donate button go?

  4. I love your April Pictures, some of the best on the internet. I really would appreciate a multipage comic about her and the little fan, like the beach story you did. :-)
    I know its no good idea to say something like that to an artist, but I just had to. ^^

  5. sexy ass straight shota picture check out my blog it had a lot of straight shota comic, picture , gif, scenes and womanboy movie scenes, I had some of your glassfish straight shota picture and even this one, please change your profile picture it kinda look weird and adam west look weird as a cartoon version batman

  6. Oh poor shredder humiliated by a boy younger then the turtles how sorry i feel for him NOT! I must say i always liked this version of april if you make more april straight shota pics please have a comic of her in her cat mutant form.