Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comics and Drawings: Warlord of Mars: Deja Thoris #1, Power Girl #23-24, Batman and Robin #23, Conan: Road of Kings #5

I read quite a few comics these past couple of weeks and wanted to share my thoughts on some of them, and throw in a few sketches too. Just a fair warning, this post WILL CONTAIN (some) SPOILERS!

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #1:

I have not read a single issue of Warlord of Mars but that didn't stop me from reading it's spin off (or prequel rather) Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris. One of the variant covers, drawn by the great Arthur Adams, was enough to grab my attention and make me give this comic a shot, and I'm glad I did. One issues in and I'm loving every page. Dejah Thoris is one incredible sexy character and she's not afraid to kick some butt if need be.

This spin off series takes place four hundred years before the events of Warlord of Mars, with the title character's the (later nation) of Helium divided into two warring city-states. Eventually, the leader of one of the cities proposes a truce by way of arranged marriage: Deja, from the lesser city, will be married to the son of the leader of the greater city. But, as you can guess, things don't entirely work out from there...

I've just started reading the title so I can't talk too much about it, except to say, Dejah. Looks. Gorgeous. The art is great and she comes off fantastic as the tough and utterly sexy type. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the book has plenty of violence and political intrigue throughout.

Anyway, I'll probably return with more thoughts on the book as I get further into it but suffice to say, I'm really looking forward to reading more of it (and more Deja!).

For now, here's a sketch I made of Dejah Thoris:

Power Girl #23

All I have to say is that I'm very disappointed that at the end, Zatanna and PG didn't make out, with Superman giving a thumbs up to the viewer.

Also, rocky boobs:

Considering issue #23 featured both Power Girl and Zatanna, two incredibly sexy women, I thought I might make a sketch featuring both of them together:

Power Girl #24

Here we find (yet another) Power Girl issue guest starring Batman. Not that I have a problem with that, I love Batman and I love Power Girl and having the two partner up again in one issue is awesome. In this issue Karen Starr (Power Girl) is planning to buy her own news channel. She also has plans involving Africa and Bruce Wayne. Of course everyone is telling PG that maybe all this publicity is a bad idea.

I like how in the story PG acts like whinny kid, complaining how people are telling her what to do with her own company. Batman points out that she might be over exposing herself and her company, and she will be scrutinized. What's funny is it seemed to me like superman told her the same thing a couple of issues ago, so... that would seem redundant. Anyway, the chemistry between PG and Batman isn't exactly thrilling. Batman is straight to the point, as he is with everyone else but it's a nice contrast, to see a pouty PG next to a serious Batman. 

But the story isn't all about business, literally (and thankfully). A Muslim-American metahuman has been a accused of being a terrorist after he tried to save a plane from crashing. After six months in prison, he breaks free in order to see his dying farther in a hospital in Gotham. But before he gets the chance to see him, Power Girl and Batman stop him (which, understandably, only pisses him off).

It was an interesting story, even if it is kind of cliche. You can't help but sympathize with the "villain" and you hope that in the next issue it will end well for everyone. But you know that just won't happen.

Batman and Robin #23


Jason Todd, now currently the red hood, has been imprisoned in Arkham Asylum for the past several months; all the while serving as a model prisoner. Eventually, though, he requests to be transferred to a lower-security prison. Of course, Batman, who's been keeping tabs, is suspicious. But because of Jason's good behavior and his passing all the psyche tests, he's granted the transfer and there's nothing Batman can really do. And just as you expect, as soon as Jason Todd steps foot in prison he starts mucking things up. He starts provoking fights and killing inmates; staging any deaths as suicides.

The artist, Guillem March, must love him some Jason Todd because almost every shot of him is some delicious eye candy. Which I have no problems with since I have a thing for hot red heads. 

Nothing much to say here other than I really love Batman and Robin. It's one of my favorite ongoing DC titles and I'm looking forward to the rest of this (three part) story featuring the Red Hood. 

Conan: Road of Kings #5

This series is slowly but surely turning me into a huge Conan fangirl. I would give anything to cling to his muscle bound leg as he fights off hordes of beasts and warriors to protect me... Anyway, for those who are not familiar with the story, Conan is trying to reunite a princess, Olivia, back with her father. But along the journey Olivia is kidnapped, and Conan has to find and rescue her. Just as Conan is about to catch up with Olivia's captor, though, the kidnapper instead beats Conan to the punch, and delivers Olivia to the king hoping to be rewarded. But instead of a tearful reunion, the king wants Olivia executed at dawn. Turns out the king is being controlled by his evil queen; who is using the power of a mystic ring, known as the Star of Khorala.

Somehow I knew that the king was going to betray his daughter and have her killed. She was so obsessed with being reunited with her father throughout the whole series, the worst was bound to happen. What really gets me, is that the father sold Olivia as a sex slave and she still wanted to see him. Why would want to see their father after that? Olivia clearly has some daddy issues. 

I decided to draw the deliciously evil queen with her outfit that showed off her slender sides. Very sexy queen. Very sexy outfit.

So that's some of the comics I've read this week. Looking back on it, I realize I've probably been reading too many DC comics lately. Can anyone recommend some good new Marvel comics?

Keep swimming,


  1. your sketches are gorgeous, but what makes them particularly great is how much more "luscious" you make the girls look - thicker hips, larger breasts, all *very* appealing.

    I totally recommend the original Conan novels if the comic perks your interest. He is quite amazing... and muscular!

  2. good new marvel comics:
    Uncanny X-force
    on the other side of the spectrum, FF

  3. "your sketches are gorgeous, but what makes them particularly great is how much more "luscious" you make the girls look - thicker hips, larger breasts, all *very* appealing."

    Thank you! It's nice to hear that the women I drew look luscious and appealing.It's certainly something I try to go for.

    "I totally recommend the original Conan novels if the comic perks your interest. He is quite amazing... and muscular! "

    Thanks for the recommendation of the Conan novels. I'm definitely going to check them out.

    "good new marvel comics:
    Uncanny X-force
    on the other side of the spectrum, FF "

    I read good things about Uncanny X-force and FF. I'll certainly give those a shot.