Friday, May 6, 2011

Helpless Housewife

"Screw it, I want to draw a woman with GIGANTIC breasts!" That was my mindset when I drew this picture. I didn't care about correct proportion sizes or whether or not the character could stand up straight without falling over. I just felt like drawing huge breasts today.

Keep swimming,


  1. Daaaaamn. You out-Eikened Eiken!

    Not that I wouldn't love to see you do Kirika at some point, 'course...

  2. Sometimes, a housewife with giant breasts is all a picture really needs ^^

  3. cool, goes well with the other ss blog I frequent
    (not that I can read anything on it)

  4. "Daaaaamn. You out-Eikened Eiken!"

    I've seen her before but never knew her name. I'm glad I out did, did her. ;)

    "cool, goes well with the other ss blog I frequent"

    Aaaannnnd Bookmarked!

  5. wont hear any complaints about the proportions from me :) great work as always Glassy

  6. WOW glassfish, i love that you like kloah's blog! love your artwork too. btw, are you a he or a she??