Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bayonetta vs. Kid Icarus Cover

Hey everyone! Here's a quick cover I made for my "Bayonetta vs. Kid Icarus" comic.

Before anyone happens to mention it, yes, I know there are plenty of details in Bayonetta's costume I probably left out. During the making of the comic there were several times where I went back to add a few things here and there I forgot she had. After a while of this, I just said "screw it, simplicity works best for me." (Also, looking at them, I'm not sure how I feel about the look of the guns on her. So, please, feel free to excuse the look of them if so.)

Here's the sketch version of the cover:

Keep swimming,


  1. Good idea to go with simplicity, if you tried to put every design detail on Bayonetta's costume you might be there for a long time...

    Looking forward to seeing how this comic turns out.

  2. I imagine that costume would be coming off soon anyway, but whatever makes you more comfortable

  3. It looks awesome as usual! Only I think I'd recommend making the costume color a bit lighter. It seems to me the sense of depth in your colored version would be a little easier to see that way.

    I couldn't see Icarus' fingers sinking into her tits until I squinted- and that is a detail that is not to be missed. :)

  4. Details smetails. Who cares. It works :)

  5. Nothing wrong with the image colouring. Someone just needs to alter their VDU settings.

  6. I didn't think I'd be envying Kid Icarus today!