Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Hello everyone! I'm back with my own little spot on the interwebs. Yes, I'm back with blogspot and I know what you're thinking: why would you return to blogspot if google took down your old blog? Isn't that like a battered wife returning to an abusive husband?

Well, to be honest blogspot is just easier for me to use; after all, I had been using it almost continuously for close to three years. That said, if this blog goes down (hopefully it won't), then I'll move somewhere else - and you'll come right along. By inputting the link name into whatever fancy browser your using you'll always find where I am no matter where I go.

Anyway, thanks for visiting! Make yourselves at home, and enjoy the place. I'll do my best to keep things fun while you're here.

Here's to a bright future in filthy drawn smut.

Keep swimming,


  1. /i get the same expression whenever I see my girlfriend in the buff. But then again she has the same figure as the women of your drawing style.

  2. So happy to see you again. Your Power girl and Sue Richards are my favorites. Would you mind doing a She Hulk maybe with Sue or Franklin.

  3. "Would you mind doing a She Hulk maybe with Sue or Franklin."

    That sounds like a fun idea for a sketch, so that's a definite maybe.

  4. "Would you mind doing a She Hulk maybe with Sue or Franklin."

    I certainly like the idea of the two together. So that's definite maybe.

  5. Woot, thx for makin a new blog ^_^ love your work lol and so does my little bro. Keep it up miss :3